There are mainly Six Corbett Tiger Reserve Zones in Jim Corbett National Park that you can visit. You can make online safari booking,  by Jeep or by Canter, to visit these amazing zones. These zones are: –

Dhikala Zone

Dhikala Zone is the Best Safari zone in Jim Corbett National Park. It is known for its splendid natural beauty and also for offering a sight of many exotic animals and birds. If you are a hard-core wildlife lover, then it is recommended that you go for a night stay in this zone for better sighting opportunities. The Best time to visit this place is from 15th of November to 15h of June, every year. Animals to be spotted are Bengal Tiger, Elephants, Cheetahs and several species of birds.

Garjia Zone

The Garjiya Zone is newer as compared to other zones in the Corbett Park. It was opened in 2022 ,during the winters. This zone is enriched with a huge number of floral and faunal species. Garjiya gives a tough competition to Dhikala zone while the tourist’s preferences are concerned. The zone is known for its wonderful landscape and is very calm and quite place. The beauty of this place is appreciated by all the visitors. This is one of the most tiger rich areas of the park. Birjani consists of a mixed topography with dense Sal forests combined with grasslands.

Bijrani Zone

Bijrani Zone in Corbett Park is known for its richness in natural beauty and the vast grasslands. Mixed type of topography can be seen here. Tiger spotting is almost a certain activity in this zone compared to other places in Corbett Park. The best time for visiting this zone is from Mid October to June.

Jhirna Zone

Jhirna Zone is a popular tourist area in Jim Corbett National Park. It is blessed with abundant scenic beauty and is also popular because it remains open for visitors throughout the year. Wild bears can be spotted in this area along with the other animals.

Durga Devi Zone

Durga Devi Zone in the Corbett National Park is located at a high altitude. It gives a difficult yet a very adventurous trekking trail to the visitors. Situated on the northeastern side of the Corbett National Park, this is an amazing place for bird spotters. Besides bird spotting and trekking, tourists can indulge in the sheer joy of angling in this zone. This place is open to visitors from mid-November to mid-June.

Dhela Zone

Dhela Zone is a very popular area of the spectacular Corbett Tiger Reserve. This zone is abundant with varieties of rich flora and fauna. Similar to Jhirna, this zone is also open to tourists throughout the year.

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